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hell is empty. all the devils are here.... shakespeare

hell is empty. all the devils are here.... shakespeare

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

some of my graphics...

sometimes I miss designing. I still freelance, now and then, old customers and clients who have know me or refer me, but with a full time job and the family, I try not to avoid it because it gets very demanding, I always thought designing was glamorous and fun. then I got a real job and it paid well, but I  was doing car ads and pageant advertising.... "It's your time to shine!, Reach for the stars, if you miss, you'll land on the moon!" bah humbug!!! I hated those lines! i did work several years for a design firm and got to do some interesting and big stuff for big companies and I had my art out there, although in graphics, usually the firm is the one to get the credit. I worked long hours all year long for people who only cared about themselves. I got burned out and decided to try something else. well, now I miss it. so here is some of it.

These are all for a campaign against verbal abuse for the Women's  Shelter.

Just some random stuff made in my spare time:                                                                          

first doll, her name is Leah!

welcome to our world!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

witchie woman

   my first polymer clay creation... wooo!!