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hell is empty. all the devils are here.... shakespeare

hell is empty. all the devils are here.... shakespeare

Monday, July 30, 2012

Shabby dream catcher....

I love Rachel Ashwell. She is truly an inspiration. Unfortunately, I can't afford most of her stuff, or maybe I could, but then I would feel guilty. I recently read a blog that inspired me even more... and she wrote "So we are inspired by others in what is created and by looking in the past to conquer what makes us happy. What makes something original? The wonderful thing about art is that if we place a rose in front of five artists, each artist will capture the rose differently, and so each painting will differ. " by Kathy from Kathy's Cozy Cove on Blogspot... (

It gives me great joy to be able to create something out of nothing, at at the end, maybe that's why even if I could spare the extra cash, then I would not. I  would miss that feeling of  satisfaction and joy and pride, that feeling of accomplishment  that you feel when you make something with your own hands out of scraps... or junk or even trash, lol. So this is my version of that painting of a rose that Kathy talked about, in the form of a dream catcher...  my version of it. Maybe not as shabby or beautiful as Rachels or even Kathys, but its the one I made and the one I love the most... Now I just have to find a place for it...

 Also wanted to share my favorite charlotte dolls...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dryed Hydrangea

So I cut this Hydrangea from my garden because I loved the color... I didn't want to stop its growth further so I didn't cut it from the stem, instead I added a stick/branch and wrapped it with green floral tape. I hung it upside down and sprayed it with hairspray and allowed it to dry for a day. Finally, placed it on an Olive Oil container... love it! Goes with my shabby kitchen...

My shabby kitchen

I love the shabby look. For years now, I have looked and looked through pictures and blogs trying to get an idea of how to get this look right. I did a lot of research and I finally felt the courage to attempt it. I got rid of my old contemporary set which needed to be replaced anyway and I found this on Craiglist, it was pretty cheap so I decided to go for it:
Although it was already beautiful, and I give credit to the artist for her redo... It didn't quite fit. I wasn't feeling the fabric. So, I ran to the Home Depot on a Sunday evening right before they closed and I bought a staple gun for $20. I had some old fabric that I really loved and I reupholstered all 4 chairs that evening at 10pm!!! And I was so proud that I did this with no help from "the man" (my man; he usually does the things that require power tools.....) 

This is what sits in my kitchen nook now... I also added some pics of some of the china and other little things that I have been collecting and making for a while now. BTW, if anyone is thinking of doing this but is hesitant... go for it... it's super easy!!! All you need is a $20 staple gun... I know the fabric might not last forever. I did cover it with Scotch Guard... but I thought I didn't want to wast an expensive fabric with it being my first time doing this...and as easy as this is, if I have to replace it soon, by that time I might already have something different in mind and its a breeze to do...