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hell is empty. all the devils are here.... shakespeare

hell is empty. all the devils are here.... shakespeare

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day of The Dead skull earings, Steampunk necklaces and lots of new stuff !....

Well not lots, but a lot more than usual. As always to busy too post, too busy too create and work and the kids and life always keeps me occupied with little time to work on my craft. I always sneak in a little time, though, as hard as it is, and this is what I have today!!!! Please visit my Etsy shop for more detailed pictures!!!! Thanks for visiting!!!


1 comment:

  1. Hi Ziggy! Long time no see! Your new stuff is really neat! I especially like the heart pendants. You won't find those in any store, for sure.

    It's been so hot...still in the upper 80's. I bet you're waiting for a big cool down too. My gardens have perished, just too hot to get out there. I will redo just a few of them. Like you, I have so much to do. We keep our almost 3 yr old grandson every 2 weeks and he keeps us hopping.

    Glad to see you back.